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Weatherproof, corrosion resistant outdoor enclosure

  • Houses the radio in a non-metal, corrosion resistant, NEMA enclosure
  • Adds surge suppressors to all radio ports
  • Light weight and easy to install
  • Sturdy corrosion resistant stainless-steel mounting brackets to secure the enclosure onto a pole or tower
Waterproof anti-corrosion radio enclosure

The Afar ENC-0620 NEMA enclosure is designed for deployments in harsh environments subject to corrosive agents such as sea-water spray.  In addition to housing the Afar radio it also has provisions to add RF surge suppressors to the two RF ports and an Ethernet surge suppressor for the Ethernet cable.

This corrosion proof enclosure (NEMA rating 3X) is constructed from injection molded ABS resin suited for a wide range of temperatures.  The lid is fully gasketed with two molded hinges and release latches. The radio RF ports are brought to two N-type connectors at the bottom of the NEMA enclosure where there is no water accumulation. The Ethernet and power cable enters the enclosure through a waterproof gland, at the bottom of the enclosure as well.

The enclosure comes with stainless steel mounting brackets and hardware suitable to secure it to a pole or communications tower.

Protect your surge suppressors

If you are installing the radio at a location subject to severe storms you may want to add surge suppressors right at the radio’s RF ports and/or Ethernet port. The NEMA enclosure provides an environment where those suppressors remain dry. You can order the outdoor enclosure with all three suppressors, just a subset or none at all.

The ground of all suppressors are connected to the internal metal plate and an external ground lug is provided to connect to the earth ground.

Upgrade existing installations

If you need to upgrade an existing installation where you already have the Afar radios, you can purchase just the NEMA outdoor enclosures with all cabling and optional suppressors.  Adding your radio to the enclosure in the field is very simple. The radio is secured to a “gold” bracket (see photo below) with two screws and the bracket is mounted with four screws onto the metal plate which has press-fit “PEM nuts”.

Corrosion-resistant antenna mounts

For corrosive environments we also recommend using our marine grade stainless steel antenna brackets to mount the antennas.

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