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Weatherproof Anti-Corrosion Enclosure

The pulsAR Wireless Ethernet Bridge is housed in a waterproof rated metal enclosure. Typically you can mount it outdoors under rain and dust and it will last many years.  However, if your deployment is in a highly corrosive environment (for example subject to salt water spray or in an industrial environment subject to corrosive agents), the metal housing and connectors may show signs of corrosion over time.  For those environments we recommend mounting the radio inside a protective, non-metal, anti-corrosion enclosure.

The Afar ENC-0613 enclosure is designed for those applications.  It is constructed from injection molded ABS resin suited for a wide range of temperatures and harsh environments.  The lid is fully gasketed with two molded hinges and release latches.  It comes with stainless steel mounting brackets suitable to secure it to a pole or communications tower.

Inside the anti-corrosion enclosure there is a mounting plate to mount the radio and an optional Ethernet surge suppressor board.  Two short coaxial cables bring the radio antenna ports to N-type connectors at the bottom of the enclosure where there is no water accumulation. The cat5/cat6 Ethernet cable that brings the power and Ethernet to the radio enters the enclosure at the bottom through a waterproof gland.

You can specify the assembly to include RF surge suppressors in one or both antenna ports.  Please contact our sales team for details.


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