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Surge Suppressors

When you deploy the PulsAR-24027 outdoors in regions where thunderstorms are prevalent, you may consider using surge suppressors to protect your equipment against electrical surges induced by lightning nearby. Afar offers two types of surge suppressors:
RF Lightning Arrestor
RF-suppressor-tn.jpgProvides surge protection for the antenna port of all the Afar Wireless Ethernet Bridges, both 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz models.  It is equipped with N-type connectors to be installed right at the antenna port of the radio.
CAT5 Surge Suppressor
cat5suppressor-tn.jpgUse this device if you have a long outdoor CAT5e cable between the radio and the indoor power inserter.  This suppressor  protects all 8 lines: the data lines for differential and common mode surges, the power lines for common mode surges to Earth Ground. The very low shunt capacitance in the signal lines allows operation in both 10Base-T and 100Base-T Networks.
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