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Over the years we have crafted solutions to various challenging wireless problems. The following features are now available in all of our pulsAR Wireless Ethernet Bridge models.

Wireless Mesh
Wireless Mesh Network With a Wireless Mesh Network any radio can serve as an access point to other radios.  You no longer need line-of-sight to the central radio, just link to any node already in the network.  The radios automatically route your packets to their destination using the minimum number of hops.

caterpillar-tn.jpg You can now install our  wireless ethernet bridges in your service vehicles and stay connected to a control center by automatically roaming between multiple fixed hubs.  Ideal for applications where vehicles must move beyond the range of a single hub radio.

Linear Network
The pulsAR Wireless Ethernet Bridge radios come equipped with two antenna ports so that you can deploy a Linear Network with a single radio at each location. 

A Linear Network is ideal for:
  • Railway wayside communications
  • Pipeline communications
  • Highway roadside communications
  • Long links that requires multiple repeaters between the end points
Interference Control

radio interference avoidance Our radios and gateways implement a network wide synchronization scheme that autonomously propagates a “heartbeat” to all radios in a complex network resulting in the virtual elimination of self-generated interference.  This system wide approach, combined with the robustness of our pulsAR Wireless Ethernet Bridges, delivers unprecedented jam resistant performance in the unlicensed band.

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