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Our radios are providing mission critical communications, among others, to the following applications: At Afar Communications we design and manufacture unique network equipment and solutions for applications demanding reliable and dependable communications. These unique solutions include:
  • Wireless Mesh Network : break away from the limitations of the traditional point-to-multipoint topology.  With our tree network topology any node can be the access point for any other nodes.
  • Roaming : Increase your coverage area when communicating with mobile platforms by roaming between multiple hubs.
  • Linear Network : establish multiple hop networks using our dual antenna single radio repeater topology.
  • Interference control : co-locate over a dozen radios with no worries of self-generated interference by automatically synchronizing all radio transmissions using our Synchronized PulsAR Network (SPAN) technology .
  • Redundancy: use clustered hub radios to increase your coverage area and redundancy on critical networks.

Choose from off-the-shelf products or ask us to develop a custom solution integrating our equipment into your specialized application.

PulsAR Wireless Ethernet Bridge
Long Range Wireless Ethernet Bridge Our 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz outdoor Wireless Ethernet Bridge s are engineered to overcome interference in an increasingly crowded RF spectrum.  They will carry your data securely and reliably across extremely long distances, serving multiple remote sites.
NetCrossing Gateways
TDM over IP, Serial over IP gatewaysThe NetCrossing™ Gateways carry your serial data across wired or wireless Ethernet or IP Networks.  Choose from:

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News from AFAR

Detecting Neutrinos in the Antarctic Ice Shelf

The University of California in Irvine is embarking on an ambitious research project to detect and count ultra-high energy neutrinos coming from the Afar depths of the universe. They have selected Afar Communications to provide the wireless network that retrieves the data captured by an array of detectors, which, when fully deployed, will consist of 960 stations in the Antarctic, covering a 30 x 30 km square.

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