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 Power over Ethernet Inserters


These Power Inserter Units are small indoor modules that inject DC power into the unused lines of the Ethernet Cat5 cable. They can be used to provide Power over Ethernet (PoE) to any of the Afar pulsAR wireless Ethernet Bridges.

There are two models, one for operation from an AC source, and the other for operation from a DC source. You can get the complete specification by downloading the Power over Ethernet Inserter PDF brochure.

Power over Ethernet Inserter for AC source

AC power inserter.JPG

The AC Power Inserter Unit (PWI-0109) includes a power supply for connection to an AC outlet (90-264 VAC), two RJ45 connectors and a bi-color LED. The two RJ-45 connectors are labeled “To LAN” and “To Radio”. The power supply output is 24 VDC (0.8A) which is applied to the radio.

The bi-color LED turns amber when there is AC power applied to the power inserter but no current is being drawn by the device. It turns green once the device draws 20 mA or more.

This power inserter comes with a 6 ft (1.8 m) power cord. You can select the AC plug between the three-prong North America plug shown on the left picture below (PWI-0109-006A), or the CEE 7/7 plug used in Europe shown on the right picture (PWI-0109-006B). 
power plugs 342x90.jpg


Power over Ethernet Inserter for DC source

The DC Power Inserter Unit (PWI-0218) has two RJ45 connectors labeled “DATA”, and “DATA+PWR OUT”, a green LED, and a 3 ft pigtail cable for connection to your DC supply voltage.

For both inserters the RJ45 that powers the radio carries the DC voltage on the following pins:
    V (+): RJ45 pins 4 and 5
    V (-):  RJ45 pins 7 and 8



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