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2.4 GHz Antennas

Afar offers the following antennas for use with the pulsAR Wireless Ethernet Bridge models that operate at 2.4 GHz. The correct antenna at each site depends on the application:

Point to Point links: Use high gain directional antennas on both sides. For very long distances use the 24 dBi gain parabolic grid. If you do not need as much gain and prefer the convenience of a smaller antenna consider the 18 or 14 dBi panel antennas.

Point to multipoint networks: Use the 9 dBi omni antenna at the hub and the directional antennas at fixed remotes pointing at the hub. If all the remote units are concentrated in one sector of the hub you should consider a sector antenna which will give you more gain than the omni and shield the radio from interference coming from unwanted directions. Please contact us for additional antenna choices.

All these antennas come with galvanized steel hardware to mount them onto a mast.  If your application is near the ocean or in a corrosive environment you may want to consider to upgrade the mounts to our marine grade stainless steel antenna mounts

24 dBi Grid
24 dBi parabolic grid antenna, 2.4 GHzThis is a parabolic grid reflector antenna built in aluminum die cast and powder coated for long outdoor life.  Includes a galvanized heavy duty bracket for mounting onto poles 1″ to 2″ diameter (2.5 to 5.0 cm).  Comes with a 30″ (75 cm) pigtail terminated into a N type male connector for connecting directly into any of the 2.4 GHz PulsAR Wireless Ethernet Bridge radios.
18 and 14 dBi Panels
Flat Panel antennas, 2.4 GHzFlat panel antennas provide high gain in a low profile package. These antennas are constructed on an aluminum backplate with a UV-stable plastic radome for all-weather operation. They can be mounted for Vertical or Horizontal polarizations. Select between a 14 or 18 dBi gain.
9 dBi Omni
9 dBi omni directional antenna, 2.4 GHzThis omni directional antenna is built of UV-resistant fiberglass and comes with a stainless steel bracket for easy mounting to an outdoor structure.  The connector is N-Female and we supply a short 2 ft (60 cm) coaxial cable for direct connection to our outdoor PulsAR 24027 Wireless Ethernet Bridge.
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