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Application Notes
Ligthning Protection
When you deploy an RF link you typically mount antennas at high elevation points, possibly on the rooftoop of a tall building, telecomunications tower, or mountain top.  During thunderstorms there is a strong possibility for these locations to be hit by lightning strikes.  This application note describes the effects of lightning, and provides installation guidelines to reduce the likelihood of damage to the equipment.
Creating Redundant Links with Spanning Tree Protocol
In many applications, it is desired to build redundant links so that the failure of a radio will not take away the connectivity to a remote site. In a network where the transport mechanism is transparent bridging, you cannot just put two links up in parallel, because that creates a loop that will keep duplicating packets until it the unwanted packets fill up the entire network capacity. (This is called a packet storm.) This problem can be eliminated by installing a managed ethernet switch with the STP protocol, which selects a link to shut down to eliminate the loop.
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