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Afar radios are being used in numerous applications around the world including:

  • Internet access to remote villages
  • Wireless networks carrying voice over IP
  • Interconnecting LANs between office buildings
  • Remote data acquisition
  • Data telemetry and control
  • Wireless SCADA

Below you will find examples of some of those applications.

NASCAR and Indy racecars
Wireless data telemetry from Indy racecar Afar radios are now deployed in every NASCAR and Indy 500 race cars.  As the cars race at over 200 mph around the track, our wireless system transmits telemetry data including the exact position of every car to a TV production truck.  During TV live coverage this information is used to display virtual dashboards, turn on a “pointer” to identify specific cars and other TV coverage enhancements.


Metro Train Control
Wireless SCADA to control driverless metro trains Bombardier Transportation is the world’s largest company in the rail equipment manufacturing and servicing industry. Bombardier supplies complete transportation systems, from high-capacity urban transit systems to automated people movers.  In 2003 Bombardier Transportation contracted with Afar Communications to develop a wireless SCADA 2.4 GHz spread spectrum radio for their Automated Train Control (ATC) system.  Our radios are now an integral part of Bombardier ‘s CITYFLO train control systems and are being deployed at  Heathrow airport, Madrid Metro, Taiwan, South Korea, and the Philadelphia Light Rail tunnel


Railroad Gate Crossing Control
Wireless SCADA for railroad crossing Control The PulsAR-24027 Wireless Bridge comes equipped with two antenna ports to support our unique Linear Network topology.  Siemens Rail Group, a provider of railroad crossing equipment, wayside signals and controls, deploys our Linear Network topology along the railroad tracks in North America.  Everyday they rely on Afar radios to transmit the mission-critical information necessary to activate the railroad crossing gates as the train approaches the crossings.


VIP 110-24 Replacement
Wi-LAN / EION VIP 110-24 If you currently use the Wi-LAN / EION radio model VIP 110-24 you will find the Afar radio models to be an almost direct replacement, with a lot of improvements and new features


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