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building-240-5.jpgAt AFAR Communications we design, manufacture and market Wireless Network equipment and solutions, as well as Network Access Gateways for interfacing legacy serial equipment to packet switch networks.  We are located in Santa Barbara, California, a city that has been a center for data communication engineering and digital signal processing since the early 1970's.

AFAR Communications Inc. was founded in April 2003 by an engineering and management team with a long history in the wireless and data networking markets.  This group were pioneers in the early 1990's in the field of  Spread Spectrum communications for the ISM bands when that market was just emerging.  In the late 1990's our founders, Nuno Bandeira and Lars Poulsen, invented and patented the VINE "anypoint-to-multipoint" network topology that allowed deploying low-cost wireless networks circumventing Line Of Sight constraints.

At AFAR we cater to customers that require dependable and reliable wireless links even in the presence of ever-increasing interference. Our radios typically occupy less bandwidth, have greater sensitivity, and cover longer ranges than most other spread spectrum radios. They are built to survive under harsh environments and have been deployed in areas such as the antartica, desert, in high altitude science baloons, and at sea. Based on this unique platform we have then adapted its firmware to deal with many unique customer requirements.

(People have asked if AFAR is an acronym. How about "Acronym For AFAR Radios"?)

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