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  Nuno Bandeira

Nuno Bandeira.jpgNuno Bandeira is one of the founders of Afar Communications and has been its President and CEO since its inception in 2003. He has over thirty years experience in science, engineering and technology.
In 1993 Nuno co-founded another start-up, Utilicom, which developed the first commercial spread spectrum radios used for utility meter reading. In 2000 the company was sold to WiLAN where he also served for two years as Vice President of Engineering, prior to founding Afar Communications.
In his earlier career Nuno worked as a senior scientist for Hughes Aircraft at their Santa Barbara Research Center, where he was in charge of the software design and development for deep space and earth orbiting instruments flown in various NASA missions.
Nuno has a MSEE degree from the University of California in Santa Barbara and a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Lisbon. 


  Lars Poulsen

Lars120x180.jpgLars Poulsen has been the Vice President of Afar Communications since its inception in 2003. He has been actively involved in distributed computing and data communications for over 40 years.
Lars first became involved with wireless data communication when he joined Utilicom in 1998, and worked with Nuno on developing a patented protocol for tree-structured wireless networks.
Beginning in 1980, Lars worked as a senior software engineer for ACC (Advanced Computer Communications) on various Internet products. In 1990 he went to Rockwell CMC, where he led a project group developing a dial-on-demand edge router for small offices using the Rockwell modem chip set.
Lars began his career in Denmark, first at University of Copenhagen’s academic computer center, later at an engineering company building industrial control systems on PDP-8 and PDP-11 minicomputers.


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