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How do I get a command window on Windows?
Although Microsoft has discouraged the use of the command line interface on Windows, it remains a powerful tool that gives the user much more control over the running of many programs instead of only running them in their default mode. Unfortunately, the way to start up a command line window has been hidden in the newer releases of Microsoft Windows.

To get to a command line window, click the Start button, then
All Programs >> Accessories >> Command Prompt

In most cases, you will have downloaded the ECON program to your desktop.
When the command window starts, it will be in your “home directory”.
To get to the desktop folder, type

cd Desktop

To confirm that the ECON program is in this folder, type

dir econ.exe

You can now run ECON with the options you need, such as the one for redirecting the output to a log file by typing at the command prompt:

econ -o debug4.log

When ECON finishes, the entire session is in the log file which can then be emailed to Afar’s support group.

command window MENU

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