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How do I update firmware on a remote network ?
Of the three mechanisms for downloading firmware updates into Afar radios and gateways, only TELNET is viable for performing firmware updates when you are not at the site of the network.

If the equipment is properly set up to accept your connections, telnet allows you to connect across the internet, and to update the firmware, using the following procedure.

For simple monitoring and control, any telnet client program will allow you to use the command line interface. For downloading firmware files, you need a client program that allows you to send a text file from your computer as if it was typed on your keyboard. Several "advanced" telnet programs are available to do this, but the exact mechanism varies between programs.

Examples of good programs for this purpose are

  • ProComm Plus
  • Secure CRT

Some users have been able to use Hyperterm – especially over short distances. Others have reported connections that hang partway through the download procedure.

To assist users who do not have a "good" telnet program, we are offering the use of a small PERL program: afarload.txt (right click and Save As).

To use this program, first install PERL if it is not already installed. A very good implementation of PERL is available at

Create a working directory and place the .dwn firmware file and the perl script in it.

Start a command window, and type the command

perl a.b.c.d filename password

a.b.c.d stands for the IP addresss of the radio
filename stands for the name of the firmware code file (without the .dwn extension)
password stands for the login ID (SNMP community string) of the radio

The perl script will login to the radio and use the "download format=inline" command to push the file into flash on the radio.

Before running the script, make sure there is room for the file in the flash.
After downloading the file, make sure it has the right length, before running the program or making it the default startup program for the radio.

firmware remote network MENU

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