New 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz radios from Afar

(Download PDF brochure)

November 15, 2009 – Afar Communications announced today the introduction of 5 new radio models.  These new spread spectrum radios will provide the same versatility and robustness of the current pulsAR-24027 wireless bridge, but in addition will offer the following advantages:

  • Choice between 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz ISM bands
  • Higher RF transmit power (up to 27 dBm)
  • Optional encryption of all data transmitted over the air
  • Compliant with Power over Ethernet (PoE) IEEE standard
  • Very low power consumption and sleep modes


The various models occupy different RF bandwidth allowing you to match the radio with your data throughput requirements while keeping the highest possible RF performance. 

The new models will become available in February 2010.  You can download a PDF brochure which includes the specifications for all the 5 new spread spectrum radio models.