Afar radios provide wireless telemetry for seismic activity monitoring in India.

Tehri damMay 25, 2008 – Refraction Technologies, Inc., (REF TEK) recently completed the deployment of an Afar wireless network for seismic activity monitoring around the Tehri Dam in India.  The wireless network uses multiple Afar PulsAR-24027 spread spectrum wireless bridges to cover an area in excess of 2000 square km over very rugged terrain with several links exceeding 30 km spans.

REF TEK uses the network to collect data from their broadband seismometers and seismic data recorders installed at 12 separate remote stations.  The equipment at each of the 12 seismic stations, including the Afar radios, is powered from  80 W solar panel kits that allows for unattended operation over long periods of time.  The Afar radios carry the telemetry data to a Central Control Station located in Tehri Town where an operator can view the seismic data from 130 Recorders interactively.

The Tehri Dam is located on the Bhagirathi river, the principal tributary of the sacred river Ganges.  The region is part of the Central Himalayan Seismic Gap, a major geologic fault zone.  In October 1991 there was a 6.8 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter 50 km from the location of the dam.

Below are some pictures of the wireless telemetry network for seismic activity monitoring at Tehri Dam.

seismic monitor wireless network topology Wireless over rugged terrainAntenna tower for wireless seismic network