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Our products fall into two major categories: Wireless and NetCrossing Gateways.  The gateways convert between various serial data formats and Ethernet.  The Wireless products provide an Ethernet bridge between faraway locations.  The products from the two families work standalone but they were also designed to work together.  When you need to carry serial data across a wireless network, use the gateways to convert it to Ethernet and the radios to carry it wirelessly.  The two families understand each other and work seamlessly together.

Wireless Products   NetCrossing Gateways

900 MHz and 2.4 GHz Long Distance Wireless Ethernet Bridges

Long Distance Wireless Ethernet Bridge We engineered the PulsAR radio family to overcome interference and establish very long distance wireless ethernet bridges.  With the standard package you can deploy either Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint network topologies.  This family of 5 radios allows you to select a model that matches your throughput requirements while keeping the highest RF performance.

Wireless Mesh (Tree) Network

You are no longer limited to the traditional point-to-multipoint topology.  With this software option any node in the network can become an access point for nodes downstream.

Roaming Software Extension

This software extension lets you use the PulsAR radio in service vehicles which will then automatically roam between fixed hubs and stay connected to a central site.

Linear Network Extension

With the PulsAR Long Distance Wireless Ethernet Bridge you can go over 50 miles (80 Km) in a single hop.  But if you do not have line-of-sight you can use the radio dual antenna feature to establish multiple hop links using a single radio at each repeater site.

Wireless Accessories

Some day "wireless" will really mean "no wires", but for now you still need some cables.  You will also need antennas , and possibly surge suppressors or different power supplies.  We carry them all. 


TDM over IP Gateway

TDM over IP, TDM over Ethernet gateway These gateways convert your T1 or E1 signals into Ethernet packets and establish a virtual connection to a peer gateway across an IP or Ethernet packet switch network.  At the opposite end you get your original T1 or E1 signals back, undisturbed and with no bit slips.

Serial over IP Gateway

Serial over IP Netcrossing Gateway These gateways take your synchronous serial data in formats including V.35, RS-232, RS-530, and convert it to Ethernet packets for transmission over an IP or Ethernet packet switch network.  They support synchronous speeds of up to 8 Mbps

Rackmount Gateway

For central sites with many serial links we repackaged the Serial over IP gateway in a 19 inch, 1U rackmount enclosure which includes four gateway boards and the Ethernet switch.

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