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Cat5e Ethernet Surge Suppressor

(Part number: SUP-0207) cat5suppressor.jpgProvides surge protection on the Cat5 cable carrying both Ethernet and Power. All eight lines are protected, the data lines for differential and common mode surges, the power lines for common mode surges to Earth Ground. The very low shunt capacitance in the signal lines allows operation in both 10Base-T and 100Base-T Networks. This suppressor works with all of the Afar’s PulsAR radios. When you mount the radio outdoors, install the Cat5 surge suppressor indoors near the point where the Cat5 cable enters the building. Make a solid connection from the Suppressor ground wire to an Earth Ground. Our application note on lightning protection explains these recommendations in detail. The units are shipped with a short Ethernet cat5 cable and DIN rail mounting hardware.


Data Clamp Voltage (pins 1,2,3,6) 7.5 V DC
Power Clamp Voltage (Pins 4,5,7,8) 60 V DC
Peak Pulse Current (10/1000us) 132 A
Response Time < 5 nanoseconds
Maximum Shunt Capacitance < 25 pF
Protection Mode:
   Data pins (1,2,3,6)
   Power pins (4,5,7,8)

Common and Differential
Common (line to Ground)
Connectors 2 x RJ45
Dimensions 2.40” (H) x 1.92” (W) x 1.35” (L)
61 mm (H) x 49 mm (W) x 34 mm (L)
Weight 4 ounces
0.11 kg
Operating Temperature -30 C to +80 C
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